All in one Fire Retardant Branded Containment Mesh

Ideal for scaffolds, adScaff™ is incredibly strong while remaining lightweight, meaning it’s easy to handle and fast to install.

Australian Made


Fire Rated

Tensile Strength

Wind Strength

Burst Proof

Manufactured in Australia

adScaff ™ is available in a range of standard roll sizes, ideal for scaffolds or can be custom manufactured to your needs. adScaff™ is incredibly strong while remaining lightweight, meaning it’s easy to handle and install for just one person.

​With full coverage and edge to edge printing, from the underside of your deck to the time kickboard, adScaff™ really makes the most of your branding opportunities.

So, you’ll only ever have to order and stock one scaffold product in the future – adScaff ™.

“adScaff’s all-in-one containment mesh is fast to install and looks brilliant on site.”

Stephen Hughes, GM at Westbourne

Standard roll sizes in-stock – 1.9m wide x 5, 10, 15 or 25m.

1.9m x 5m9.5m29.5kg
1.9m x 10m19m219kg
1.9m x 15m28.5m228.5kg
1.9m x 25m47.5m247.5kg

Custom sizes available.

Wind / Fire / UV / Strength Certified – Absolute assurance & confidence

With its unique substrate grid pattern, adScaff™ exceeds the tensile strength requirements for containment mesh, allowing it to be used on both demolition and construction projects.

adScaff™ will resist wind speeds of up to 100km/h (28m/s) in accordance withAS/NZS 1170.2 principles and AS/ NZ 1170.2 over unsupported spans of 2400mm.

Designed to withstand the effects of normal weather conditions such as sun, wind and rain with an outer protective fabric rated to ISO 4892-3:2013. UV print will retain colour fastness for up to 3 years.

Flammability index score is 6 and has been thoroughly tested in the harshest production conditions possible – adScaff™ has zero possibility of fuelling a fire.

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